At the beginning of 2012, Cinematographer Yuri Neyman, ASC approached me to help him with the set up of his new school for Cinematographers. He had partnered with Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC with the idea of developing a curriculum of Modern Cinematography. 

So besides the fundamentals of cinematography, he would also include such classes as Digital Cinematography and Virtual Cinematography, and get specific on lighting such as Music Videos. 

Yuri would involve a breadth of instructors from current working TV, Cinema and Music Video Cinematographers to VFX artists and Lighting Designers. 

I not only Co-Ordinated the classes, instructors and students but Yuri also incorporated me as a consultant. We worked together on curriculum, choice of instructors and how to run classes. 

GCI has really evolved over the years and now incorporate instructors such as Seamus McGarvey ASC BSC, Mandy Walker ASC ACS, and Bradford Young, ASC.

Vilmos Zsigmond, ACS teaching a lighting class
© GCI 2012

Ron Fischer teaching a Virtual Cinematography class
© GCI 2012

First class, 2012 on the RED Studios lot
© GCI 2012